Group Short Term/Long Term Disability Plan

The Disability program protects one of your most important assets, your ability to earn a paycheck. If you become disabled due to an injury or illness and can’t work, this program will continue to provide you and your family with a potential monthly income up to a maximum of $9,000 per month and at a minimum cost of $25.80. The Disability program provides this protection around the clock, 24/7. This program far exceeds other plans offered to peace officers and provides unparalleled financial security. The Safety plan is an STD plan self funded by the IBT for twelve months and transitions into a Long Term Disability fully insured plan administered by a major insurance company thereafter. The Non-safety plan is fully insured by the IBT and has a three year benefit limit.

IBT Short Term Disability – Premier Plan

Premier Plan Brochure

Summary Plan Description (SPD):

STD Premier Plan SPD


Amendment 1               Amendment 2


IBT Short Term Disability – Premier Plus Plan

STD Premier Plus Plan Brochure

Summary Plan Description (SPD):

STD Premier Plus Plan SPD


Amendment 1                 Amendment 2  

IBT Non Safety Disability Plans

Non Safety Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD’s):

Premier Non Safety Disability Plan SPD         Premier Plus Non Safety Disability Plan SPD


                Amendment 1                   

Comparison Chart

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