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PORAC Police & Fire Health Plan

The Insurance and Benefits Trust of PORAC offers comprehensive medical insurance for PORAC members, administered through Anthem Blue Cross.

The 2022 open enrollment for benefits will run from September 19, 2022 through October 14, 2022. If you’re not in the PORAC sponsored health plan, consider making the switch to the PORAC plan during the 2022 open enrollment period.

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Health Plan Highlights

  • Low deductible
  • Maximum out-of-pocket expense $2,000 per person/$4,000 for a family
  • No charge for preventive care services
  • $10 copay for primary care visits
  • Receive a $1,000 credit toward a full body scan every three years
  • No referrals needed for specialists and only a $35 copay
  • Special programs for members with chronic health conditions
  • Non-emergency coverage when you are traveling or on vacation
  • Access to doctors 24/7 from the comfort of your own home through LiveHealth Online for only a $10 copay
  • Exclusive customer service line dedicated to PORAC members
  • Out-of-State Plans and a Supplement to Medicare Plan that covers your Medicare cost shares

Prescription Drugs


Generic $10.00
Brand Formulary $25.00
Brand Non-Formulary $45.00

Mail Order

Generic $20.00
Brand Formulary $45.00
Brand Non-Formulary $75.00

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