Aflac Supplemental Insurance Products

Aflac is here to help you when things go wrong. Our plans are designed to help you through catastrophic events and accidents big or small, by paying you based on medical treatment received. Over 50% of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills, AFLAC was designed to help keep you whole financially while you are dealing with a serious illness or accident.

Today we offer PORAC members Accident, Cancer, Critical Care and Hospital. We also offer Short Term Disability when appropriate.

We call AFLAC Accident coverage a no brainer. This plan covers you on or off the job and pays you based on what happens at doctors and hospitals, as well as ambulance, ICU, surgeries, MRIs, and more. Added benefits for organized sporting activities. These benefits are payable if you know when and how you were injured, and you get medical treatment. There is also a once per year, per policy wellness benefit of $60.

Scenario 1: You chase a suspect and tweak your knee; you have a claim. Scenario 2: You are having a fun off-road weekend with your family and crash your bike, you have a claim. Scenario 3: Your kid is playing football, cheerleading, playing T-ball or jumps off the furniture and they get hurt, you have a claim. If you see a doctor for the injury, you have a claim.

The Cancer plan covers all types of cancers, from minor skin cancers to profoundly serious internal cancers. Coverage includes benefits for diagnosis, surgeries, hospitalization, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and approved experimental treatments. There are over 30 benefits available on this plan. There is also an annual wellness benefit of $75 each year for each family member, when having a cancer screening.

Scenario: You are diagnosed and don’t know how you’re going to manage, because you need to be off work for a time for surgery, hospitalization, chemo, radiation, etc. This plan will continue to pay you when you have ongoing treatment or a reoccurrence down the road.

Critical Care Protection covers specific serious events like heart attacks, strokes, major third-degree burns, comas, paralysis, and more. Some covered events are accidents, others are illnesses. This policy also covers hospitalization for the listed specific events, and ICU for any reason. It includes continuing care to help you get better after an event.

Scenario: ICU is the most used part of this plan, mostly for NICU babies. They are automatically covered when born and for their first 30 days if they are born at least 10 months after the policy goes into force.

Hospital Choice has benefits for emergency room, short stay, surgeries, hospital, and ICU. It also has benefits for physician visits, major diagnostic exams, labs and x-rays, and ambulance.

The AFLAC for PORAC team is here to help you by explaining plans in more detail. We can also help you file claims, from helping gather the documents you need, to getting them uploaded to AFLAC. We can also help with coverage changes, questions about benefits, enrollments, etc. Always call your AFLAC for PORAC team when you need anything regarding AFLAC.

To learn more about AFLAC plans and how they can help you and your family, please visit the IBT’s Supplemental coverage page or call (858) 344-4331 to find your local AFLAC for PORAC agent. Stay safe!

Featured in the May 2024 issue of PORAC Law Enforcement News.