IBT Board of Trustees Set Police and 2024 Fire Health Plan Rates

The Board of Trustees of the Insurance and Benefits Trust of PORAC (the “IBT”) have set the 2024 health plan rates for its sponsored Police and Fire Health Plan.

The Trustees met in May and June to review the experience for each region and Plan for active employees and retirees. The experience of all regions and Plans were thoroughly considered.

The cost of medical services rose in 2022 and 2023, as the health insurance industry as a whole, has seen an increase in services and costs due to post pandemic factors.

Although industry rate trends increased, the 2024 rates for the Health Plan still remain lower than some HMO plans and the Plan’s Special Reserves remain strong.

No changes were made to the coverage of the Police and Fire Health Plan for 2024.

The Police and Fire Health Plan proudly serves over 26,000 Safety members and their families with one of the most comprehensive health plans available in the CalPERS System. We also have a dedicated staff whose only job is to make sure you and your family receive the best care and service available.

Public Agencies

  EmployeeOnly Employee+1 Dependent Employee2+ Dependents
Region 1 $931 $2,117 $2,651
Region 2 $926 $1,863 $2,371
Region 3 $926 $1,863 $2,371
Out of State $1,056 $2,144 $2,540
Supplemental Plan to Medicare $465 $1,030 $1,395

Region 1: Northern California
Region 2: Central California
Region 3: LA, Riverside & San Bernardino

State Agencies

  Employee Only Employee+1 Dependent Employee2+ Dependents
California $853 $1,708 $2,220
Out of State $1,056 $2,144 $2,540
Supplemental Plan to Medicare $465 $1,030 $1,395

Open Enrollment for 2024 coverage will be from
September 18, 2023 through October13, 2023

If you were previously covered by the Police and Fire Health Plan, but are not now, or you wish to be covered or make changes to your coverage, open enrollment is the only time to do so.

We encourage you to contact your Human Resources Department or CalPERS, if you are retired, and make the change to one of the most comprehensive health plans offered under the CalPERS umbrella.

The Insurance & Benefits Trust of PORAC is committed to serving its members and we look forward to serving you and your family’s insurance needs now and into the future.

Featured in the September 2023 issue of PORAC Law Enforcement News.