2023 Dental and Vision Plans

The Insurance and Benefits Trust of PORAC (the “IBT”) is pleased to announce that the Dental and Vision plan rates for 2023 will remain the same with no increases or plan changes. That’s welcomed news amidst the rising price of goods and services!

We hope this will prompt our members to take advantage of these benefits and schedule their annual dental and vision appointments.

Along with annual physical checkups, it’s important to schedule your dental and vision appointments as part of your overall health care.

If you enrolled in the IBT’s VSP plan during open enrollment, remember to schedule your eye exam and have your optometrist check your vision to take preventive measures to improve your vision health!

Annual eye exams with an optometrist are essential, whether you wear corrective lenses or not as there are several factors that may affect your vision, such as a vitamin or mineral deficiencies, excessive exposure to sunlight, excessive screen time and other health issues.

The VSP Vision plan is available to all active employees who are PORAC members and whose Associations have opted into the IBT’s VSP plan. The plan is also available to Retired Associate Members.

In addition, the IBT’s dental plan includes a Delta Dental HMO plan as well as a PPO plan, giving you a wide choice of dentists and offering comprehensive dental coverage, quality care and excellent customer care.

The IBT’s Dental plan is available to only to PORAC Retired Associate Members as a package plan with the VSP vision plan.

For more information on dental and vision coverage click HERE.

Featured in the March 2023 issue of PORAC Law Enforcement News.