AFLAC: Providing Financial Support to Members When Things Go Wrong

AFLAC has been available to all PORAC members since 1977 and provides financial support (cash) when things go wrong. Whether it is a small laceration that requires stitches or a catastrophic cancer illness, AFLAC is there to help keep you financially whole through that accident or illness. These plans are available to help PORAC members cover the costs we do not think about. The obvious things like copays and deductibles, but also mortgages, groceries, car payments, phone bills, etc. In other words, the benefits paid by AFLAC can be used any way you see fit.

An Accident is something you can pinpoint to a time and event. Aflac’s Accident Advantage plans pay benefits based on what happens at doctors and hospitals related to accidental injuries, on or off the job. Defined cash benefits for emergency treatment, hospital stays, physical therapy, and follow-up visits, specific injuries, and ambulance, etc., increased benefits for organized sporting activities like school sports, little league, Baker to Vegas and the National Public Safety Football League. If a member is more than fifty miles from home when injured and hospitalized there are additional benefits for transportation and lodging.

The Cancer Protection Assurance plan was developed to provide members with cash benefits from first diagnosis to hospice, skin cancers to malignant, internal cancers. Designed to help protect the member’s income and savings from expenses that are not covered by major medical insurance, including deductibles and co-pays, experimental cancer treatments, and transportation and lodging, to name just a few of the thirty separate ways this plan can help during a cancer illness.

Aflac’s Critical Care Protection plan provides peace of mind should you experience a named critical health event or need to be in the ICU for any reason. This plan provides financial assistance should the covered person experience a heart attack, stroke, major third-degree burns, coma, paralysis, etc. This plan pays subscribers a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered event with additional benefits payable for things such as a hospital confinement, intensive care unit confinement, limited heart surgeries, ambulance, transportation, lodging, and therapies to help with recovery. The most common use of the ICU benefit is for NICU babies (policy must be in force for at least 10 months at delivery).

The Hospital Advantage Plan is a hospital confinement indemnity policy that provides cash benefits to members. Benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance members may have. This policy is customizable based on individual or family needs and is compatible with other AFLAC plans. The benefits include, initial hospitalization benefit, daily hospitalization benefit, surgical benefits, and doctor visits, in addition to ER and short stay benefits.

For more information on Aflac sponsored products, call (858) 344-4331 or visit the website at to review detailed plan information or to connect with a local agent.

Featured in the December 2022 issue of PORAC Law Enforcement News.