A New and Exciting Year for the IBT of PORAC

The Trustees and Staff of the Insurance and Benefits Trust of PORAC (IBT) want to take this opportunity to wish all members and their families a very healthy and prosperous New Year!

On November 20, 2021, the Board of Trustees of the IBT held its annual meeting in conjunction with the PORAC Board of Director’s meeting in Monterey. The newly elected Trustees were sworn into office, and congratulations go to Trustee Dave Wilson of Region I, Trustee Steve Latham of Region II and Trustee Dustin Bruzee of Region IV on their election to the Board of Trustees! In addition, congratulations are extended to the Trustees on their newly elected seats on the Board: Trustee Richard Buss of Region IV is the new IBT Chairman, Trustee Bryan Hubbard of Region II is the IBT Vice Chairman and Trustee Roger Garcia of Region III is the IBT Treasurer. Trustee Franco Vado of Region I remains on the Board of Trustees as the newly appointed Retired Associate Member Representative. Damon Kurtz and Gary Frace also remain appointed Trustees by the President and PORAC Board of Directors. Congratulations to you all! The IBT thanks you for your hard work and dedication!

The trustees all look forward to serving the IBT and are committed to continuing the work of the IBT in providing exceptional benefits to our PORAC members. For years now, the IBT has been providing PORAC members with exceptional benefits designed by peace officers for peace officers. These benefits provide comprehensive coverage and are affordable for our members.

As we move ahead into the New Year, the IBT’s sponsored Police & Fire Health Plan also announces its much anticipated move into a joint administrative arrangement with Anthem Blue Cross. In this arrangement, all claims processing will now be done in-house, starting January 1, 2022. Processing claims in-house will ensure a higher level of customer service with added savings to the Plan and will allow the IBT to further control administrative costs.

The IBT’s Health Plan Department is now fully staffed with personnel who will be fully trained to process claims, and the entire Health Plan Department is available to assist members with any Health Plan issues.

The IBT is very excited to enter into this new arrangement to enhance the Police & Fire Health Plan’s services. The Police & Fire Health Plan provides major medical insurance for PORAC members whose employers have contracted with CalPERS for health coverage. Offered through Anthem Blue Cross, it is a comprehensive 80/20 PPO health plan.

As always, the IBT remains committed to providing quality products and services to all its members through their business partners, and will continue to find ways to enhance these products and services to best suit members’ needs.

Featured in the January 2022 issue of PORAC Law Enforcement News.